Homeowners Insurance

Your home is likely one of your largest purchases and most valuable asset for many reasons. The peace of mind provided by a well written homeowner’s insurance policy is the result of a great insurance agent.

At Preston Insurance, our independent agents have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your home is covered for any unexpected issues. This is because we live in the same community and we know the factors that could contribute to an insurance claim. This knowledge allows us to anticipate your insurance needs and find you the best policy at the most affordable rate.

Coverage for Your Home

There are many reasons you may need to file an insurance claim. Below, are some of the most common reasons a homeowner will file a claim and how we can help you through that process.


Many incidents of fire in the home are preventable by performing routine maintenance. Cleaning your dryer vent, ensuring your furnace filter is changed twice yearly, and inspecting your smoke detectors regularly are all ways you can reduce your risk of a house fire. In the event that you suffer a home fire, our agents will be ready to assist you with filing a claim and supporting you through this process.


Finding water in your home where it shouldn’t be is always a headache. Flooding in your home can be a result of many different factors including, weather or natural disasters, improperly sealed windows, faulty or failing water heaters, and more. The additional concerns that come from flooding, such as mold growth, are also factors that need to be considered when filing a claim. Having the right homeowner’s insurance policy helps to relieve the stress you may feel during this time and Preston Insurance can help you find the right policy for you and your home.


While it may be uncomfortable to think about theft or intruders in your home, it is important for you to have the right protection. Your agent is knowledgeable in home inventory procedures that can make filing a claim easier for you. Additionally, having a security monitoring system may help to reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums.

While not every incident is the same, every claim is important. Having quality home insurance coverage can help reduce the stress and financial toll of making a claim. At Preston Insurance, our independent agents are able to review your current policy as well as assist in providing you with a complimentary quote.

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Insurance with a Personal Touch

Insuring your commercial or personal effects doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to help walk you through every aspect of coverage. As an independent agent, we provide you with multiple policy options tailored to you or your business and help you understand the benefits of each one. This leads to a stress-free, easy experience when securing insurance for your business, home, auto, RV, boat, and more.
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